The Park Street Band


Ever since Krosswindz hit the studios with Poth Geche Beke, Bengali modern music found a new identity when songs like Prithibi started becoming household anthems. Bengali rock music had found shape. And soon after, troubadours like Kabir Suman, Anjan Dutt and Nachiketa played a role akin to that played by Lennon and Dylan in the 60s before the proverbial classic rock genres took over, as has been the case in Bengali. Cactus, Bhoomi, Fossils (to name a few) carried forward the torch and since then, it’s been a couple of decades of very rich music coming out of our city. They have Hindi cover bands, they have millions of English cover bands : with the rich compendium of Bengali songs that we can boast of, the reason for existence for a Bengali cover band has become stronger than ever before. Thus was born the Park Street Band.


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