The Band

Ishan SenSarma (Vocals, Guitars)

Ishan’s dream and vision has got YOU to us today. He is the mastermind behind the band and the source of sustenance for all. He gathers most of his stage experience from his English band serving some nostalgic 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. He always has a streak of fan-screams and applauses whenever he is on stage. His “natural gain” and “melodiously narrative” voice captivates any audience not only when he’s on stage, but off it too. Unanimously he is the voice of the band… have a word or two with him and you can vouch for it! A hardcore Bob Dylan fan, his life resonates with music round the clock. The most crazy music-lover you can ever come across!

Fun Fact: He also aspires to be a stand-up comedian someday, but blank looks were so far the best feedbacks he’s had.

Rohit Gupta (Vocals, Keyboards)

Rohit, who has thrilled the UAE audience for over a decade with his soulful renditions of Bollywood music, is a probashi Bangali who spent many of his early years performing and engaging with various kinds of Bangla music, from Nazrulgeeti to Bangla Rock. Rohit is a master at creating some addictive medleys that have become signature for the PSB brand and spends some very late hours in the night programming some of the coolest patches on his keyboard! A voice that reminds many of Nachiketa, and a style that is definitely reminiscent of Arijit Singh, Rohit’s wide repertoire allows him to thrill audiences from dusk to dawn, as long as the old monk is happy!

Fun Fact: Rohit is particular about how magnets on the fridge are aligned!

Mitin Chakraborty (Drums)

Mitin is the reason why most of our audience members suffer from body aches after dancing non stop to PSB’s foot tapping medleys and mashups. It’s no wonder that Mitin loves folk and Baul tunes and likes to give them some really catchy beats while performing them on stage! Mitin played for many years in a multi lingual band in India, and now aspires to combine his love for the global sound with our very own Bangla lyrics. When not on the drums, Mitin adds his soulful touches to some relaxed unplugged music on the cajone and djembe as well, if he isn’t posting a story on Instagram!

Fun Fact: Mitin has invented a new snack. Crushed uncooked maggi noodles with the masala garnished on top!

Cmith Sarkar (Bass, Vocals)

Cmith has intrigued many a Bengali, first with his name, and then with his various middle names, that once included Cynth! A multi-instrumentalist and a production guru, Cmith is the silent killer in PSB, holding the shape of the band together with his funky bass grooves! Our very own Dubai kid has found a cosmic connection of sorts with Bengali modern music, and his experience in various bands, from rock and roll to death metal, gives PSB a chance to sometimes hit psychedelic patches even in the middle of romantic ballads! Cmith is a gadget guy, and every time we see him he seems like a character out of the Transformers – loaded with tech, but gifted with a tremendous sense of sound, as long as there is no reverb in the mix!

Fun Fact: Cmith can catch a 2 minute nap while speaking in the middle of a conversation!


Arun Patrao (Guitar, Vocals)

Arun makes us believe a part of Mark Knopfler lives in Dubai, and resides in his soul. Our guitar maestro joined the band in 2018 and has been a super hit with the band’s audience ever since! Effortlessly knocking down some incredible lead solos, this Mangalore boy has added his own flavor to some of Bengal’s timeless classics! Arun’s guitar gadgets include a 7G network, a NASA spaceship and his Apple machines; and his soul is a true music man! Also blessed with a beautiful voice, Arun is sure to give goosebumps en masse every time he starts singing Sweet Caroline! So here’s our man with screaming solos on his chocolate coloured guitar, which over time has also started to smell like caramel!

Fun Fact: Arun has been re-baptised and when on stage with PSB, he is Arun Patro. Patro da in short.