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Ever since Krosswindz hit the studios with Poth Geche Beke, Bengali modern music found a new identity when songs like Prithibi started becoming household anthems. Bengali rock music had found shape. And soon after, troubadours like Kabir Suman, Anjan Dutt and Nachiketa played a role akin to that played by Lennon and Dylan in the 60s before the proverbial classic rock genres took over, as has been the case in Bengali. Cactus, Bhoomi, Fossils (to name a few) carried forward the torch and since then, it’s been a couple of decades of very rich music coming out of our city. 

They have Hindi cover bands, they have millions of English cover bands : with the rich compendium of Bengali songs that we can boast of, the reason for existence for a Bengali cover band has become stronger than ever before. Thus was born the Park Street Band.
The Park Street Band mirrors what was once said about Kolkata, it is not just a band (city), it is an emotion. An emotion that brings together multitudes of people in the desert lands of UAE, with a single common thread – the love for music from the city of Kolkata. Today, the band keeps the Bengali population of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah both entertained and smitten by nostalgia.

In short, PSB is the only Bengali Band in the Gulf with an ambition to be the one of the leading Bengali cover bands in the world in a few years time. The dream sounds big, but why not!

While the band has not yet started working on their original material, we are happy to play a big part in being ambassadors for Bengali modern music. And when the dancing shoes have been worn, people love to see a Probashi Bangla band nail it down with songs like Tomar Dekha Nai, Firiye Dao and Doriya!

The band also organises (ourselves) a billboard show every 6-7 months, called The Park Street Brunch! Park Street Brunch is an all day celebration of all things Bengali, where PSB takes stage and does a marathon gig of sorts, lasting anywhere between 4-5 hours, with customised food menu around recipes that have stood the test of time in Park Street ( eg. Chelo kababs) and using the stage as a platform to showcase budding talents to allow them to contribute towards bengali music . All in all, PSB is creating the most compelling brand of nostalgia in the region, and we know that the journey has just started.

In this incredibly short journey of ours, we have been more than blessed to have received endorsement videos from Anjan Dutt, Neil Dutt, Surajit Chatterjee, Saheb Chatterjee and Shi’Baji’ Paul. In the years to come, we aspire to perform alongside these legends whenever they play for the Gulf audience. And of course, in between those spaces, we will keep their songs alive in town by playing our renditions of the same! 
 PSB is a confluence of musicians of very contrasting styles, united by their love for Bangla music. 

Rohit Gupta (vocals and keyboards) is a well known frontman and founder of a leading Bollywood band called Raaga Factory.

Cmith Sarkar (bass) also plays for the same band and is a audio production professional at the same time.

Mitin Chakraborty (Drums) has played in multilingual bands in India & multiple platforms in Dubai.

Ishan (vocals and guitar) is also a frontman in an English band called Roots, mainly performing folk rock music of the 60s and 70s. 

Of course, what goes without saying is that this is the ‘side-hustle’ for all of us, we have day jobs that demand more than it’s fair share of time!
So this is who we are! We are and will remain a band for the people who love Bengali music, and we would like to find a way to reach out to every single person in the universe who share our passion for Bangla music. It’s our little bohemian dream, and first few steps have been pretty awesome!

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Phone: +971504599512


Email: info@theparkstreetband.com